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Being very skilled or thoroughly proficient at something


The process of becoming adept


Learning to Learn

About the Process

Making the Implicit

Getting Started

Introduction to Skill Development

This is a mini course to practice Adeptify’s learning model. It introduces key concepts that enable you to make the implicit explicit and lets you put this into practice right away.

Adeptify is about re-igniting your innate curiosity.

Everyday, you have infinite opportunities for micro-learning to help you grow. Supporting you to take full advantage of these opportunities is the mission of Adeptify.

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About the Process

Light, Micro & Powerful

Adeptify uses the MyQuest platform to host our micro learning programs. MyQuest is designed such that it supports Adeptify’s learning process. This makes your learning to be bite sized and anchors it with robust learning sequences. 

The programs below can give you a taste of how this process works.

Introduction to Skill Development

This demonstation program introduces you to the concept of micro learning, otherwise known as Virtuous Cycles of Learning.

Building Relational Resilience

We often end up unintentionally collaborating with others to create unhealthy relational dynamics. Learn how to break this cycle.

Building Emotional Resilience

Adversity and disorientation requires us to respond with a sense of emotional granularity and emotion regulation.

Trigger Awareness

This new program takes you through a deep dive into learning to notice and regulate emotional triggers.

Boost your learning in the middle of everything

Use Adeptify to enhance your performance and wellbeing

When things go well, we don’t need to regulate our emotions. But when adversity comes our way, we suddenly need emotional resilience!


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A Key Distinction in Adult Development

A Key Distinction in Adult Development

Most leader’s introduction to the field of adult development comes through an assessment or model aiming to enhance their leadership behaviors to become more effective. In this article, Jonathan lays out two important traditions in the field of adult development and describes a key distinction between them.

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Understanding learning

Understanding learning

Better understanding how you learn and what triggers your optimal performance will help you to develop adaptive learning emotions.

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Building Emotional Resilience

Adeptify helps you make your everyday experiences an arena for robust learning and building emotional resilience.

Research shows that we are making decisions based on our emotions. While emotion-regulation is recognized as essential for better decision- and sense-making, what is not so clearly explored is a practical approach to learning how to notice what triggers us in micro-moments of everyday life.


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